Episode 11: I Talk Sex

The Second Circle is taking part in Scarlet Ladies’ #ITalkSex campaign this week as I’m joined by three of the campaign’s ambassadors, Elly, Rudo, and Kit, to delve into why silence around sex can lead to abuse and what we can do to help each other be more open. We also chat about why women are more content than men to be single and whether there’s such a thing as “boring” sex.


Women prefer being single according to this piece in the Telegraph and one of of the reasons is that relationships involve more work for women than they do for men. The subject of emotional labour is also discussed in this Psychologies article as well is this excellent piece in Harper’s Bazaar.
“Female sexuality is not a dirty secret. It’s a part of who we are.” – That’s the slogan for the #ITalkSex campaign and you can read the full manifesto here.
Becoming by Laura Jane Williams is available from Amazon.

To find out more about Scarlet Ladies upcoming events visit www.scarletladiestalk.com

With special thanks to 23 Paul Street, a boutique strip club in Shoreditch, London, who host Scarlet Ladies events and our recording location for this episode. See www.23paulstreet.com

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