Episode 10: Me time

The Second Circle has been transformed into a women-only space this week as I’ve banished Rob in favour of two fabulous guests: Jannette Davies and Sarah Beilfuss of London-based sex-positive members club Scarlet Ladies. We’ll be tackling Jannette’s favourite subject, masturbation, and sharing our porn and sex toy habits. We also touch on what it means to identify as a woman, discussing changing sex drives and whether it’s ever OK to leave immediately after a hook up.


Is it ever OK to leave immediately after sex? This GQ article lists the times when it is although personally I’m a fan of sleeping over, as I wrote in this piece for The Debrief last year.
Journalist and broadcaster Jenni Murray wrote in The Sunday Times that trans women cannot truly know what it’s like to be a woman.
Jannette has tried a LOT of sex toys but nothing can replace her favourite: The Metal One from Ann Summers.
Find out more about Scarlet Ladies events, workshops and membership at Scarletladiestalk.com

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