Episode 9: Do you rut like a goat-god?

Should we get paid breaks from work to have sex? And is it ever OK to “out” somebody as a former porn star? We discuss the so-called “golden trio of moves” that are said to result in female orgasm (*sceptical face*) and Rob learns what all the different sex and gender identity labels mean… and why they matter to people. We also talk about sex and consent and reveal whether we’ve ever been caught masturbating.


The Sun outs a nurse as a former porn star but is forced to delete the story after complaints.
Franki discovers a town in Sweden where local authorities recommend people take paid “sex breaks” from work.
The Guardian reports on a “golden trio of moves” said to be more likely to result in female orgasm.
More than half of young people don’t identify as straight, says this report. Sex writer Alix Fox looks at exactly what the term ‘sapiosexual’ means to people in this article. And Franki sets out some of her own thoughts on what it means to be ‘pansexual’ in this blog post.
In Autumn 2015 Thams Valley police put out this cartoon using tea to explain sexual consent.
A woman caught her husband watching virtual reality porn. Check out the story (and pictures!) here.


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