Episode 8: Sexting with James Joyce

More women than men say they regret casual sex… but why? We learn all the secret sexting codes that teenagers are using today and how virtual reality is going to take our sexual fantasies to new and surreal heights! We also discuss the language of sex and why context is everything when choosing how to talk dirty.


One night stands: according to this study, women are more likely to regret them. We discuss why.
A police force in Northern Ireland has shared this guide to help parents decipher their teenagers’ secret sexting codes. We find out what NIFOC means.
Should you teach kids the proper names for their genitals? Read the case for doing so here.
If you haven’t read James Joyce’s dirty letters to his wife Nora, you really need to!
Learn about how virtual reality could let you have sex in all manner of surreal and fantasy scenarios (what would yours be?!)

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