Episode 6: Sexy frog and the rogue Twix

The first sex robots are due to go on the market in 2050 and apparently they will improve your skills in bed. We take a look at the positive side of porn and discuss whether or not it’s okay to slut-shame Melania Trump for her career as a model (spoiler: it’s not). We also tackle a question about sexting and Rob goes off on a metaphorical tangent involving chocolate bars.
“Sex with robots could be mindblowing” says expert who has a vested interest in making sure everyone buys sex robots in forty years

Why is it OK to slut-shame Melania Trump? (spoiler: it’s not)

The Second Circle is a sex and gender politics podcast hosted by Franki Cookney. Get in touch @The2ndCircle or via the website www.thesecondcircle.co

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