Episode 5: The Elizabethan ruff

Labour MP Keith Vaz met male escorts for sex but at what point does your sex life become public interest? We also bring you a Sexy Paralympics update (it involves Maltesers), a controversial question about virginity and some hot pillow talk about our earliest sexual memories.
The Mirror’s expose of MP Keith Vaz
The Telegraph’s first person piece on “What it’s like to discover your husband is gay”
This groundbreaking Maltesers advert features a disabled actor joking about disability and sex
A third of adults wouldn’t date someone who was bisexual according to this study
My boyfriend checked my vagina to see if I was a virgin… wait, WHAT?!

The Second Circle is a sex and gender politics podcast hosted by Franki Cookney. Get in touch @The2ndCircle or via the website www.thesecondcircle.co

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