Episode 4: All about my 1930s zeppelin fantasies

Dating tips from a 1930s, how to delay ejaculation, and a writer who reckons the female condom is making a comeback. We have the last sex update from the Olympics, a question about sexual fantasies and some hot pillow talk about erogenous zones.
If you ever wanted to know how to make love in the 1930s look no further!

If you hooked up with Usain Bolt, wouldn’t you take a selfie?
Get Tracy Cox’s tips for lasting longer in bed
Female condoms are amazing (according to this writer)
The “eight most common sex questions” according to sex therapist Laura Berman

The Second Circle is a sex and gender politics podcast hosted by Franki Cookney. Get in touch @The2ndCircle or via the website www.thesecondcircle.co

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