Episode 3: Your hi-tech boomerang looks good on top

Did you know the clitoris is shaped like a hi-tech boomerang? You do now! Also this week: why it’s important to talk about pleasure in sex education, a Sexy Olympics update, questions about going on top, and we chat about sex toys and how important it is for a guy to be able to ‘go again.’
A French researcher has created a 3D model clitoris to use in sex education lessons
This Brazilian Olympian was shut out of her bedroom the night before her event because her roomate was shagging a canoeist
Imagine having your Olympic dreams trashed by your errant penis. It happened to this guy

The Second Circle is a sex and gender politics podcast hosted by Franki Cookney. Get in touch @The2ndCircle or via the website www.thesecondcircle.co


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